Welcome to Gatsmart – Gatsmart odling – translated to English gatsmart odling means street smart gardening. So that’s what we do, smart urban gardens. We work in Stockholm, Sweden. The founder of Gatsmart it’s me, Ulrika. I’m an urban gardener, garden journalist and photographer. 

My first garden book – Gatsmart odling, was published in 2012, and based on my experiences as an urban gardener. I wrote it because I wanted to inspire more people to start gardening, but not only that, I also wanted to tell the story of urban gardening and allotments gardens. As a garden journalist I meet a lot of gardeners and in the book you also meet some of all these lovely, inspiring urban gardeners and allotment gardeners.

Since 2008 I have been working professionally with urban gardening. I write about urban gardens and urban gardeners, and I design urban gardens. And work in them. I take care of the urban garden at Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet (the museum of natural sciences) and the Vasa museum garden. 

My latest book, Stadsodingens historia is about urban garden history. Additionally, I’m the editor of Koloniträdgården, the magazine of the Koloniträdgårdsförbundet. (Swedish Allotment Garden Federation). 

I’m also an authorized Stockholm guide, and I love to show visitors both stunning high lights and hidden gems. And of course – the parks, gardens, allotment gardens and urban gardens of the city.

I also spend a lot of time in Murcia, Spain, in a small fishing village, Lo Pagán, just by the ocean and Mar Menor, a salt water lagoon.

Ulrika Flodin Furås COP 19 Madrid
Ulrika in Madrid and COP 25
Ulrika plockar granatäpplen i Murcia
Ulrika picking pomegranate